Our industry insights ensures all of our solutions provide real-world benefits.

iSapien has industry insights and experience that enable us to provide commercially successful integrated digital solutions to your organisation. Our team is a well balanced combination of industry experience and talent, so we understand your challenges and speak your language.

We actively pursue research and development in a number of key industries which means when we talk to you we know the competitive landscape.

FMCG. For the last 2 years iSapien has been involved with various FMCG brands particularly in the social media marketing arena. Our team have also previously worked extensively in these fields and can bring this level of experience to our solutions.

Legal. We have direct experience with Legal Services and the ever increasing regulatory burden that business must deal with. We understand the importance of efficiency and profitability for legal firms and have solutions for business that improve regulatory compliance and reduce risk.

Learning and Education. The digital education revolution has begun and we have views of how digital can improve learning efficiency and effectiveness in-class and on the move with greater student engagement.

Retail. One of the most hardly fought consumer spaces on the planet. But the fight must be taken beyond the store and we can help you win on the web, mobile and social front.

Financial Services.This highly competitive space and the fight for increasing customer engagement and share of wallet means Banks and Financial Services embraced mobile early; but some of the most interesting solutions to achieve better business outcomes are yet to be adopted.

Energy. Staying on top of energy consumption is not only friendly to the environment but can fundamentally impact the profitability of enterprise. Mobile monitoring and reporting can support energy efficiency goals in real-time and help create a cleaner future.

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