Facebook promotion apps.

In a very short period of time, one person participating in your promotion turns into hundreds and then thousands. Beyond the additional benefit of quickly gaining numbers, these people become part of your ongoing Facebook audience.


Utilising the Facebook platform and the Wildfire promotion management tool we can rapidly provide a broad range of exciting and engaging promotions that can quickly and seamlessly be integrated into Facebook. In as little as a day we can deploy your promotion so that you can start building your audience. Using the basic toolset and your existing promotional images and copy, we can create any one of the promotion templates to build an engaging and exciting app to draw people into your audience.

The promotion types available for all packages include:

  • Competitions & Sweepstakes
  • Coupons and Group Deals
  • Trivia and Quizzes

Delivering promotions using the basic toolset

The basic offering enables us to add your customised banners and entry forms for your specific promotion details and export user activity data to give you valuable analytics to plan your next social engagement.

Delivering promotions using the customised toolset

Within a week, our talented designers and developers can use the extended toolset to create highly customised promotions to give your brand a strong presence within the Facebook community. This also provides you with viral analytics data such as the number of people’s friends they invite to your promotion and their conversion rates. This can help you better understand how your brand is perceived within a community and helps find your top influencers.

Additional features.

  • All promotions are white listed by Facebook – this enables seamless integration into the Facebook platform and immediate go-live capabilities.
  • In-built regulatory compliance capabilities – the promotion platform provides in-built functionality for both the basic and customised offering to embed your promotional specific terms & conditions, privacy policy and other regulatory requirements you may need to adhere to.
  • Analytics – there are a variety of analytics data available from the basic to highly customised options that let you know who is engaging with your promotion, who and how many friends virally participate and who your top influencers are. This data can be exported out of the platform to be used in planning your next social promotion and marketing activities.
  • Facebook API integration – all promotion offerings directly integrate into the Facebook API that allows key features such as ‘Like’, ‘Send to Friends’ and stream feeds functions that publishes activities directly to users Facebook walls.

We can help you to start building your Facebook audience today!

We are happy to talk through your promotion needs and help define the best approach to meet your social marketing objectives. The Facebook Wildfire system allows you to join the other top brands who are now using the system to gain audience share in the Facebook world, which includes:


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